Types Of Corporate Events

Corporate events are vital for the long lasting success of a company. These events are a good means of building loyal relationships with company stakeholders, give back to society, promote new products and ultimately enhance your brand image and company goodwill. There are many events to choose from so here are some of them. Each event serves a different purpose so you need to decide on what you are trying to achieve through the event and then plan it out successfully.

  • Seminars and conferencesThese are held to give industry relevant information to people. Usually the guests are business associates, suppliers or anyone who is interested in the industry. Seminars are usually a few hours or one day while conferences are slightly bigger affairs, lasting for a few days. You can bring down foreign delegates too for conferences. You need to arrange for a few renowned speakers who can give information on the industry, guidelines on business activities or investment advice. You can book a hotel ballroom or convention hall at a business centre for this purpose. Make sure the function venues Prahran can fit the entire expected guest list. Running out of space can be your worst nightmare.
  • Appreciation eventsYour employees are the most important people in your organization and you need to ensure they are well taken care of. A slight pat on the back might get the day’s work done, however to build a loyal employee base, you need to appreciate them for their work. If your company is small with a less number of employees, take them out for a movie, dinner or Japanese Bar Melbourne every few months, have game nights with snacks and drinks etc. Once a year, organize an awards night, so that the best performers will feel proud of their work and the rest can take them as an example and look up to them. Your investors and community will value this act of appreciation.
  • Trade showsTrade shows are great events to meet business and industry associates. You need to plan them in advance; book a hall, arrange booths, contact relevant companies that would be interested in participating, enter into contract with them for the booths, bring down a guest speaker for a short session etc. Companies newly established with fresh products along with reputed companies can put up their stalls so that the visitors can move around, get to know them and purchase products or enter into contracts. Assign your staff all around the floor so that they can guide the visitors along the paths and help them out whenever needed.