Throwing A Farewell Party For A Workmate

The general practice when someone retires or hands in their resignation, is to throw them a farewell work party. Depending on how long they have been with the company and what their position was, you may have to throw a large scale party or it could be a very simple party that everyone is invited to. Whatever the scale of the party, someone will need to take on the task of organising and throwing the party. Here’s how you could get started.

Create a team

Undertaking the task of throwing a party all on your own is not an easy one. Put together a small team of about five people to help you plan the party. First things first, decide on whether the party is to be a surprise or not. If it is going to be surprise then you will need to exercise a great deal of discretion and ensure that word does not slip out. Have party planning meetings outside of work or at lunch where your co-worker will not be present.

Party tasks

Your team will need to come up with a list of invitees so that you can figure out where to host the party and how much food and drinks to order. Get in touch with a corporate event catering Perth to check on costs.

Hiring a corporate event catering company to order your food from will make your task easier. They are quite capable of handling a corporate event and your company works with them often, then you might be able to get a better rate form them as opposed to ordering food from a restaurant. You could quite easily host the party at work. Just book a conference room or have a floor cleared out and set up some tables for the food. Have some music and maybe some streamers and you are good to go. Have someone make a speech on behalf of your co – worker and then just mingle and have fun. Do not forget to order a cake. Get a standard chocolate cake – everyone likes chocolate cake after all! Visit this website for more details on finding the right catering company.

Get a gift

You will need to get a farewell gift for your work mate. Some great ideas for gifts are in addition to books, chocolate and maybe a shirt or tie and gift vouchers or perfume, is to give them something personal that will remind them of their great work mates and the fun they had. You could make a picture collage poster or simply frame a lovely photograph of the entire office or department for them – something like this makes for a great personal gift.