Three Healthy Habits You Need To Follow

Ultimately, if you are planning to adopt a healthy life style do not overdo it in the beginning. Slowly make the diet more strict instead of starting with a complete 100% strict low calorie, healthy diet. The latter can be tough to follow for more than a few days and could result in a relapse. So think small first then think big. Being healthy seems all easy on paper but implementing healthy habits into your life can be tough. This is because it is so easy to be unhealthy. You can just grab a donut for breakfast on your way to work instead of waking up and fixing yourself a salad or a smoothie. You can just order Chinese food for dinner instead of going grocery shopping and making a healthier meal. It is so easy to be unhealthy but if you want to live a long and fulfilling life, you would need to stop giving into the easy way out and make some serious changes to your life. Here are three healthy habits you need to follow.

Breakfast matters a lot

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it pretty much decides how your day is going to be. You start with a healthy and nutritious breakfast then it will motivate you to have healthier meals throughout the day or at least try your best to do so. Furthermore if you have a proper breakfast, you would have the energy to start your day. So what constitutes a proper breakfast? Higher protein. Yes. You need to incorporate more protein into your breakfast. Breakfasts high in protein have been noted to reduce post meal cravings. This means the higher in protein your breakfast is, the desire to snack after your meals is greatly reduced. Try to have a proper breakfast. Choose some vegetable to make a salad with. And incorporate spices, nuts and if you do enjoy meat, have some grilled chicken or a lighter meat. Also have some greek yoghurt if you can. If making a meal takes too much time, then have a smoothie. Fruits that are higher in protein like Bananas can be great to provide you with energy throughout the day. Also add nuts, some yoghurt, fruit powders Australia and some vegetables to make it more healthy and nutritious.

Try to squeeze in some exercise.

If you can hit the gym for a workout then that is great. If you can’t then try to do some exercise elsewhere. Instead of catching a cab, try to walk a few kilometers first. Even if you own a vehicle, leave it behind and walk. That way you can go buy your kale and dried fruit by Gin Gin & Dry, while losing some weight in the process. Also use the stairs whenever you can. It can be very tempting to use the elevators or escalators to save time and effort, but if you are not in a rush switch to the stairs.

Stay hydrated

When you are hydrated, you feel better. Your skin glows, you will not feel lethargic and most importantly you won’t find yourself overdoing your meals or snacking. People can confuse dehydration to hunger and can eat instead of actually drinking water which makes them gain more weight. Have a bottle of water with you and drink a cup of water every hour or more frequently. That way you will stay sufficiently hydrated. If you have to walk a considerable distance to drink water, then chances are you won’t. So keep a bottle of water on your work desk so you can easily sip from it as needed.